How many times a week should i take singing lessons?

Having a couple of classes a week depending on your needs as a singer is good, but if you think it's not necessary, then we recommend you return to once a week. The standard frequency of classes is one class per week. Some people want to do more right from the start and others want to do less than that. For most people, I recommend consistent weekly classes as optimal if possible for them.

In my experience, people who plan to do two or more lessons a week find that they don't actually progress much faster. It takes time for the body to develop new habits, and singing is a rather sophisticated process for the body, since many things have to align. Try to take a class at least once a week. If you can have more, you'll progress faster.

If you can't, remember that practicing at home is just as important as the lessons themselves. Keep in mind that any adjustment in vocal technique is most effective when you apply it every time you sing: on the radio, in the shower, in the choir class, and anywhere in between. If you want to progress faster than average (maybe you need to be prepared for a performance or audition somewhere), then you'll need to train more than if you sing more informally. Unfortunately, many times, everyday life can get in the way and your financial situation can also indicate how often you can attend a singing class.

While I think it's really valuable to be willing to spend more time and money on singing instruction, in my experience, it's better to follow a weekly lesson and instead focus on practicing regularly at home. Therefore, a new student needs to be under proper guidance as often as possible; whereas a more advanced student who already has well-established good singing habits may be able to get away with taking classes less often. Once you find a teacher you're comfortable with, it can help give you a general idea of how often you need to take singing lessons to achieve your specific goals, but at the end of the day, it's your choice. I was in a lesson where I learned a very basic technical element for the first time or, to be fair, I realized it for the first time.

If you intend to take regular singing lessons, try to find a coach you enjoy learning from and who you can get along with. Just as ballet dancers train in class every day, and Olympic divers train with their coach every day, it is also necessary for serious singers to train regularly. Not only will you sometimes not be able to find a singing teacher in your area, but you'll also want to find a singing teacher you trust and feel comfortable with. You will find that when you take a break from singing and do it again, your voice will feel weaker and you will have lost some of the muscle memory you have learned from the previous lessons.

Sometimes I hear a new or potential student tell me that, as a beginner, they would like to come to a lesson every few weeks, and then, once they're more advanced, they move it to weekly classes. If your child is younger than 10 years old, but you would like to have more class time, try two 30-minute classes a week on different days. Knowing your goals and what you want to achieve with your singing will help you decide how often you need to take singing lessons.