How many voice lessons do you need bitlife?

To practice and increase voice skills on Bitlife, you'll need to take voice classes as soon as they're unlocked and practice them at least once or four times a year. Doing so will increase your voice skill little by little so that eventually your skill level is green and considered highly skilled. You can start taking singing lessons from the age of 8, so be sure to do so. You can find them in the Activities tab, under Mind & Body, at the bottom of the list.

Increasing voice ability is of utmost importance if you really want to be a well-known singer on BitLife. To do this, you need to go to the activities tab and the Mind & Body options. When you scroll down, you'll find an option that will allow you to take voice classes and improve your voice ability. To improve your voice ability, make sure you take as many lessons as you can.

Singing is one of the many possible professions & hobbies you can choose from. Singing is a good option if you want to make money quickly or become famous easily. If you're looking for a way to have fun on BitLife, singing is a perfect option. As you do so, your voice skill level will gradually increase to the point where it will be green and reach a high skill.

When you turn 18, you can still take voice classes, but now it will cost you money and it will become an expensive task. Basically, you'll have to press the voice class button over and over again until you're ready to become a singer. To take voice lessons and improve your voice skills in BitLife, you'll need to go to the Activities tab and the Mind & Body section. Taking voice lessons will help you a lot to be accepted for an audition in a band or as a solo artist.

If you're trying to complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge, not taking voice classes as a child and waiting until you're an adult will make it much more difficult to complete tasks before age 30. It should be noted that most record companies will not entertain you if you don't have at least 90% voice sill, which makes it difficult to become a famous singer on BitLife. Make sure you become a professional before you turn 18 because you won't need to pay a dime to take a lesson until you're 18. To become a popular singer on BitLife, you need to take singing lessons and develop your singing talent. You'll want to have them every year when you get the chance, and you'll be able to watch your character's voice talent grow.

From there, you'll have to increase your voice ability every year by taking voice classes as many times as you can. When Bitlife starts offering voice classes, take them as soon as they become available and practice them at least four or five times a year to improve your skills. This is perhaps the most difficult and frustrating part of becoming a singer, as you will have to take singing lessons over and over again until your skill bar increases sufficiently. Like it was developing at the age of 8-9, but now (at the age of 1 year) it seems that it ran out of improvement, even though I take about 7 lessons per year.

Music classes are expensive, but no matter how many times I take them each year, the bar doesn't budge.